Beer, Cider & Oyster Sponsors for the Great Bay 5K and Great Bay 55K Challenge

The Great Bay 5K | Race for a Healthy Estuary and the Great Bay 55K Challenge are pleased to offer the opportunity for every participant to enjoy:

– One complimentary beer (21 and over, only) at Empty Pint Brewing Company, Liars Bench Beer Company, Tilton Brothers Breweing or Tributary Brewing Company

– or –

– one complimentary hard cider (21 and over, only) at North Country Hard Cider

– and –

– a half dozen complimentary oysters at The Franklin.

When: October 30 – 31, 2021. Check brewery and restaurant hours! Please check breweries and restaurant hours and if reservations are needed.

How: Bring in your race bib with the beer/cider/oyster tabs attached. The sponsor will remove the appropriate tab. Please check breweries and restaurant hours and if reservations are needed.

Limit: One beverage per racer and six oysters per racer!

Why these sponsors? Each of the beer/cider partners represents a river system in the Great Bay/Piscataqua River Watershed and Estuary and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. And The Franklin is famous for its oysters grown right in the Great Bay Estuary!


Empty Pint Brewing Company

Representing the Cocheco and Bellamy Rivers, Empty Pint Brewing Company is located at 17 2nd Street, Dover, NH.

Liars Bench Brewing Company

Representing the New Hampshire side of the Piscataqua River, Liars Bench Brewing Company is located at 459 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH.

North Country Hard Cider

Representing the Salmon Falls River, North Country Hard Cider is located at 3 Front Street, Rollinsford, NH.

Sawbelly Brewing

Representing the Exeter River, Sawbelly Brewing is located at 156 Epping Road, Exeter, NH.

Tilton Brothers Brewing Company

Representing the Exeter, Squamscott and Winnicut Rivers, Tilton Brothers Brewing Company is located at 845 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH.

Tributary Brewing Company

Representing the Maine side of the Piscataqua River, Tributary Brewing Company is located at 10 Shapleigh Road, Kittery, ME.

The Franklin

Featuring oysters grown in the Great Bay Estuary, The Franklin is located at 148 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, NH.