FAQs | Great Bay 5K

Where is the Great Bay 5K?
This point-to-point race starts on Sandy Point Road in Stratham, NH, goes left along Rt. 33, through quiet neighborhoods, and finishes at the Great Bay Discovery Center on Depot Road in Greenland, NH.
When and where can I pick up my packet?
At the Great Bay Discovery Center on Friday, October 26, 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Also at Stratham Hill Park (Rt. 33) on race day, 7:30am – 8:45am.
Where can I park for the race?
There is a large parking field at the end of Jack Rabbit Lane, off Route 33, next to Stratham Hill Park. Police and volunteers will direct you there. You can also park along Route 33 in front of the Park. Please arrive early so you’ll have plenty of time to park, pick up your packet, use the port-a-potties (yes, there will be lines!), and cross the street to the race start. In fairness to those who arrive on time, we will not delay the start for late-arriving racers.
Can I park near the finish area?
There will be NO RACE PARKING at the Great Bay Discovery Center. (If you do manage to get in to the Center parking lot, you will not be able to leave until every racer has finished and the timing mats have been pulled up.) You can park on nearby side streets, but you will have to get to the starting line (approx. ¾ of a mile up Depot Road) on your own.
How can I get my clothes to the finish area?
There will be a bag van at Stratham Hill Park into which you can put your warm clothes. The bags will be at the Great Bay Discovery Center when you finish the race. We cannot provide security for your bags, so please leave your valuables in your car.
Will there be chip timing?
Yes, the Great Bay 5K uses bib-chips, which are attached to the back of your race numbers. Please do not bend your race number as bending may damage the chip. Pin your race number to the outside, front of what you will be wearing in the race. If your race number is obscured, you may not get an official time for the race.
Can I wear headphones/earbuds?
You may, but we prefer that you don’t. You must be able to hear course marshal instructions as well as oncoming traffic. If your music is too loud, you won’t be able to hear what is going on around you, and that puts you at risk.
Can I race with my dog?
We like dogs a lot, but having them in the middle of a race is just too risky for everyone. So please leave your dogs (and cats, gerbils, snakes, etc.) at home, and go for a run with them after the race.
What is the MacKenzie Mile?
This is a unique race within the 5K. The first male/female racers to reach the one mile mark will each win a $50 prize (assuming they complete the race at approximately the same pace).
Will there be water and food after the race?
Yes, there will be water a little beyond the finish line. There will be plenty of post-race food in the pavilion to the left of the big brown barn beyond the finish line.
When and where will the award ceremony be?
It will be in the big brown barn past the finish line, and will start at approximately 10:15am, or as soon as the results are available.
What are the age groups for the Great Bay 5K?
14 & under; 15-20; 21-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49, 50-54; 55-59, 60-64; 65-69, 70-74; 75-79, 80+.
If I can’t make it on race day, can I give my race number to someone else?
We’re sorry, but giving away your race number creates safety and liability risks for the person running, and can create havoc at the award ceremony. Therefore, we ask you to not give your race bib to another person. We must disqualify anyone found racing with another person’s number.
What time does the race start?
9:00 am, sharp.
Will I get a race shirt?
Our long-sleeve, moisture-wicking “Made in USA” race shirts will go to everyone who registers prior to September 26. Please note, we cannot be responsible for lost or delayed mail-in entry forms.
How can I get back to my car after the race?
There will be a shuttle bus from the finish area to Jack Rabbit Lane. You can also walk up Depot Road back to the parking area. It is about a one mile walk.
What will the weather be like on race day?
This is New Hampshire – we don’t know what the weather will be in 5 minutes! However, the weather at the end of October can range from warm and sunny to brisk and breezy. So watch the forecast the week of the race and bring some clothing options on race day.
What is the course like?
The course is mostly downhill and wicked fast. It includes mostly residential streets, and has great views of Great Bay. The streets will be open to traffic, so be mindful of the vehicles, and stay to the side of the road.
Can I walk the race?
Yes, there is a competitive walking division in the Great Bay 5K. If you register as a walker, you are obligated to walk the entire race. If you plan to run even just a short stretch of the race, please register as a runner.
Can I race with a stroller?
You may, but please start at the back of the pack. It is your responsibility to ensure that your stroller does not impede or injure other racers. Of course, the safety of your child should be your first responsibility.
Will there be water on the course?
Yes, there is one water stop, at about 1.5 miles.
Is there a kids’ Fun Run?
Yes there will be a Fun Run after the 5K. It will start at the Great Bay Discovery Center at approximately 9:50. There is no charge for the Fun Run, but registration is required. Registration forms will be near the Fun Run start.
Is there a costume contest?
Yes, there will be cash awards ($53.27) for the best male/female costumes, best costumed family, and best costumed team in the 5K, and prizes for the best costumes in the Fun Run too. You must be present at the award ceremony to win.
What are the awards for the Great Bay 5K?
There are cash awards ($200, $150, $100) for the top male/female finishers and for new course records ($100), and other awards for the top male/female walkers and for the top 3 (male/female) finishers in each age group. NEW IN 2018: $1,000 if the male and/or female race winner is faster than the “All Comers” State of NH 5K records (male – 13:53; female – 15:28).
Are there team awards?
Yes, there will be an award for the fastest mixed team (3 fastest times, including at least 1 female).
Will there be beer?
Yes! After the race, take your bib (with tear-strip) to one of 4 great local craft breweries for a complimentary beer. Participating breweries are Deciduous Brewery (Newmarket), Neighborhood Beer Co. (Exeter), Stoneface Brewing Co. (Newington), and Tributary Brewing Co. (Kittery, ME). This offer is good on October 27 and 28th. You must be over 21 to participate. One complimentary beer per racer.
If you have a question that we didn’t answer, please contact usClick HERE to download a PDF of the FAQs.


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